Investment strategy

ORZA participates in projects related to business expansion, MBO and MBI transactions, resolving questions of corporate succession and the substitution of minority shareholders.

Through its own network of investees and its relationship with different economic agents, ORZA generates high added value for businesses.


In general and for each investment, the mínimum investment volumen considered is 1.5 million euros. The guideline maximum volume is between 7-8 million euros, although ORZA may, in partnership with other entities, make larger investments. In addition, ORZA may undertake investments of up to 400,000 euros in recently created companies with hi-tech profiles and growth potential.


The scope of ORZA’s activity is preferably Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa, Álava and Navarra. However, other locations which would allow us to effectively manage our partnerships are not ruled out.


The perspective of ORZA is not short-term based, but permanent, for a longer permanence vocation than Private Equity entities. ORZA is a partner that can also finance the new stages of a company, offering greater flexibility in comparison to other similar entities.


ORZA's company shareholding is always less than 50%. Despite not having a majority, ORZA achieves a significant position within the business.